Lower Capacity, Lower Cost Flash Drives


You will be aware of the recent cost increases in the cost of USB Flash Drives and other Flash Memory products such as Micro SD cards etc. This is due to a supply and demand imbalance globally, which has caused a sustained surge in costs of NAND Flash Memory. On top of this there are currency fluctuations to deal with as Flash Memory is traded internationally in US Dollars. Our information from the factories and brands that we work with, is that the current trend of increasing prices is unlikely to cease, until after the next Chinese New Year (Feb 2018) at the earliest.
That said, we have some stock here at Golding Products that we can release at lower costs than our regular retail packaged product. This stock is not retail packaged, or barcoded, but if your students are simply after the lowest price USB Flash Drive possible then by offering them these items you will gain a competitive edge upon other High Street and Internet retailers.
Whilst unbranded, these USB sticks use only “A” grade chips and are of very good quality.
To help retail display them why not put them into one of our free of charge Counter Display Units? Please see photo below.
Stock available on first come first served basis – and when they're gone, they're gone!


Black and Silver Capped USB Flash Drive
Capacity: 512MB
Code: 64004
Cost: £2.95
White Pocket Clip USB Flash Drive
Capacity: 1GB
Code: 64025
Cost: £3.45
White Wristband USB Flash Drive
Capacity: 4GB
Code: 64167
Cost: £3.95
White "Designer" USB Flash Drive
Capacity: 8GB
Code: 64178
Cost: £4.25
Red "Designer" USB Flash Drive
Capacity: 8GB
Code: 64178R
Cost: £4.25
Silver Slider USB Flash Drive
Capacity: 2GB
Code: 64186
Cost: £3.75
Aluminium Blue USB Flash Drive
Capacity: 8GB
Code: 64198
Cost: £4.25
Four compartments
Fill with flash drives, cables, earphones etc.
Price labels available
Please note that this stock is not available to order online.
For more information or to order please call Craig or Kevin on 01952 606 667 or email us

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